Import Excel data to Revit Project Info menu custom parameters

Is there a way to bring data from Excel into custom parameters used in the Project Info menu? In the graph I am making, I have two of the three pieces of info for the “Set Parameter By Name” node (the “parameterName” and “value” inputs) and am mystified about what to use for the Element input. Since the Revit.Application.Document is not an Element and therefore will not work for this input, what do I put here? Said another way, what is the Element of which Project Info parameters are a part?
As far as I understand, the “Set Parameter By Name” node takes an Element, searches for the parameters inside it specified by the user, then changes those parameters’ values. I have the parameters and the values, all I have left to provide the node is the Element.
Or am I approaching this in a way which won’t work? If so, what approach do I take?

I’m wondering if this is hinting at the answer: the Project Info menu is a System Family. If this is the family of which the parameters are a part, how do I select the Project Info menu family in Dynamo, or is this not possible?

Hi @Redrunner262 ,

You can access (and set) Project Information through something like this (just like a FamilyInstance):


Brilliant. I was overthinking this. Thank you @Daan !