How to populate nested Label Titleblock parameters

I wonder if anyone could help, struggling to populate titleblock parameters via dynamo.

  1. Titileblock family which has Label family that carries parameters, those were populated in project via assigning new shared to sheets.
  2. When I try to get these parameters on Dynamo to be populated I cannot find a way of doing so. It seems that the reason is they are nested label parameters.

Any Ideias?

Just wondering can you not get the shared parameters text file from the originator?

Yeah, I got the shared parameter, and already populated in project correctly, from my understanding the issue here is incapability of accessing nested label parameters, isn’t it?
Any tips?

Just a bit confused…when you open a sheet (active view) on you properties pallette do you see the parameters?

Sheet parameter are fine, and I can populate them, the issued is Titleblock, which is not sheet, titleblock (which is a family) has labels, and correspondent labels fields parameters, accessing and populating this nested ones is where I now struggle!!

Ok got you…i will check on my pc…others may have solution. I thought i have seen same topic recently.

Try to see if the approach on this topic will help i am not on my pc and will take time to be. For now can you check as this is the one i will try to use.

Let me know

Unfortunately have already tried that approach, see pictures attached, parameters I get from Titleblock (pictures 6) do not take nested label parameters (picutres 1, 2, 3, 4), I can only see those ones from views/schedules

I see that but have you tried familyinstance.bytype?
Can you do that on a new dyn with your titleblock family as the input?

Unfortunately not, tried all of this, the parameter I can see from titleblock are not the ones I can see on views… i think the issue here is nested label parameters, see attached…

Sorry i cannot help any further…Familyinstance.Type…is the node you need…it works for me before thats why i tried helping you but it looks like you do not want to deviate with your setup…others might able to help.

@ncurcio42 can you confirm you are setting a sheet parameter value and not the titleblock element? That is to say are you grabbing a sheet or the titleblock with the select model element node?

Titleblocks are really just fancy tags that can contain schedules for revisions. The first screenshot points out that the parameters are applied to sheets not titleblocks, so if you’re trying to set the value that way it explains the issue.

I think he is trying to modify a label placed in a title block. I am assuming those labels are linked to Project Information o Shared parameters and that is why Dynamo does not get those parameters from the title block because they do not belong to it. I struggled for a minute too trying to find the source of my labels!

Is there a way to add that script to multiple revit models?