Handle the on/off parameters in title block with dynamo

Hello Guys,

I have project with 8 part plans named as Part A, Part B,… Part H. and the Sheet names includes the Part names as A,B,C

now every part plan has different key plans. i created the title block with 8 instance on/off parameters to the keyplan in such a way that the sheet with Part A to select Part A keyplan.

i want to do this automated in dynamo

i created one dynamo selected the sheets named Part A, Part B and so on
and on another side i selected the title block and the instance parameters
now which node i have to use in such a way that the sheet name contains part a has to turn on Part A instance parameter in the title block

refer below for my trail dynamo scrip

I would suggest that you create list with parameter names like A,B,C,D… and then yous should split Sheet name to get the index containg A, B, C, … then you just need to recreate parameter name using extracted index.

Hey Jan

I didnt get you exactly. can you explain it bit more please

Ok, sorry bout that :slight_smile:.

  • Soo i would do something like this, first filters sheets that need to get this parameter set.
  • Then i would group filtered sheets using this index (ex. part of Sheet Name)
  • when you have groups, you already know which sheets need what parameter from unique keys from List.GroupByKey node. You can also use those keys for searching/creating parameter name
  • then you just use Element.SetParameterByName node with levels (element at level 2, value and name at level 1)

If you need some more explanation I just create a dummy graph so you can what I mean, I will send it in 15-30 minutes.

this is basicaly it. Rather than setting static parameter names in your graph, try to create them as strings using your index from sheets.

as per my dynamo script i am reading for part a part b etc. but how i can do this from your script


Use String.Split with Seperator as " ", the use List.LastItem at Level 2, and that is your index for your parameter.
What is your parameter name?

what is the code to select A, B & D
refer below snapshot

Just use List.TakeItems and use -1 as amount (Last item) :wink: and have list input at Level 2

wohoo i got it
now in title block i have the on/off parameters with same name. now i have to link these to that but how??

I would change this node with groupbykeys

then you have nested lists that are grouped by this parameter index. just use this string split as your keys.
soo if the name of parameter is A, B, C, then you just need to use this node with grouped lists from List.GroupByKeys node
Yes is 1, No is 0

is this you are saying me to do?

Yes, now just use set parameter node


I tried but i didnt understood :neutral_face:

No worries, what is the error message?
Also give me full name of the parameter you are setting.

dereferencing a non pointer

as per your script i didnt add the code block in parameter name creation
is this the reason?

If the parameter name is more than just A,B… You need to add some prefix to it.
Also is you parameter on titleblock or on sheet?

the parameter in the family is just A, B … H