How to place revit groups at point

I have some MEP family elements saved as a Revit group. How can I insert that group in a new Revit model by specifying location? What packages are available for that? Where can I download it from? As a newbie in Dynamo- I am not very good at programming. Thanks.

Have you tied this?

I have tried that, but could not figure out all of it. I will try again tomorrow. Thanks.

Also is a nice resource to find packages:

  • DynamoMEP has a node called Group.PlaceGroupInstance
  • SeamNodes has a node called Tool.PlaceGroupAtPoint

You can download them in the package manager:

Good luck tomorrow!


Probably because of being newbie- I could not figure it out yet.
I was able to place family components at created points- but need to figure out a way to place multiple families (connected with Pipes and fittings- saved as a group). Any other thoughts? Thanks.

Just like @Einar_Raknes is saying you can use DynamoMEP to place groups. The only trick is that you have to use their nodes to make the groups in the first place. Like this:

What doesn’t exactly work as you want it, is the part that you already have the Groups created and you just want to place them. I guess you would need to do a little Python scripting. From top of my head the Group instantiation method is doc.Create.PlaceGroup(point, groupType).


Thanks a lot. It clarifies the problem.
Hope the solution won’t be too far.

Hi I had a question regarding this node.Could you place groups to spaces??

You mean place a group orientated to a space? Not sure if this is going to be very useful, but if that is the case and you can code, it’s yes with a but - I did something very similar recently where an element in the group was used to match to a place holder in the model. The catch is, group elements can’t be accessed via the api with out ungrouping first and therein lies the problem.

The trick is: rollback transaction. The approach I took (in Python) was to create a sub transaction, then call the ungroup method to access the floor element, extract its corners points (to enable orientation to the target object), and rollback the sub transaction which basically undoes changes to the database.

The methods for manipulating group elements via the API is a perilous journey unfortunately!

I don’t know if we are talking about the same thing here, This is what I would like to do. if I create a group of the sanitary pipes for a typical hotel room, and then I assign that group to all the spaces named xx in the model. Would that be possible with a Dynamo script?

Please start a new thread. This question has an answer.