Replace Mass Group with A Family

I have this question dont know if its possilble. I work in the modular industry and we have created this mass families that spit out Ceiling Heights, Wall Heights, etc etc. Mostly to help in the beginging before we go into production.

is it possible that within a revit file that has this “Mass A” , “Mass B” , “Mass C”, to put in place at the mass location “Group A”, Group B, Group C.

I was able to select all the masses in dynamo and get back the Origin location, im stuck on how i would place The groups at those Origin points. I know my group have to have the same origin point or else the groups would be placed at weird rotations.

I know it can be done, i saw an autodesk university thing a while back, but they wrote their own code and UI to do mass version of this.

Thank you.

I never did this kind of script but i think you need to use some nodes from this post [ How to place revit groups at point - #8 by swohlgemuth ] and after this you need to rotate the group. You can use something like this:

awesome thank you, i will give it a try and see if it works!