How to pick two items and populated said parameters from one to the other

Is there a way to set dynamo up so that you tell it that “copy these parameters from the first Item I click on, and paste them into these parameters from the second Item I click on.”? Thanks!

you could get the Element.GetParameterValueByName node to read the element you choose from a select model element node and then to write the same value with a Element.SetParameterByName node to the other elements you select with a select model elementS node (note that the element you choose has to be picked with the “singular” version of the node, while the others with the “plural” one)

I would suggest also the Rhythm Package From @john_pierson ( so you can choose between Type or Instance

Mix.dyn (5.3 KB)

how do you tell the rhythm node weather or not you are placing the parameters into the second elements instance parameters or type parameters, I dont see any way to change what it is on there. Also, Is there any way to do the two clicks in one step so that you dont have to come back to dynamo after the first click to select the second selection click?

the standard “element.setparameterbyname” uses just instance parameter, while the rythm one does not care if it’s instance or type, without asking you. Anyways I’m afraid that if you want to do everything in one click without going through dynamo you should try macros inside the Revit environment…