Copy type parameter to another type

I’m using this script I found on the Autodesk website that lets you copy an instance parameter from one to another and it works great, however if I type in a type parameter I get the error from the node Element.SetParameterByName that the parameter I typed in doesn’t exist. I found out there’s a Rhythm package that has a node that works but unfortunately I’m in Dynamo 0.9 in Revit 2016 so that package won’t work. Any suggestions?

try to add Element.ElementType node after All Elements of Category

Under R2016 you can upgrade up to Dynamo 1.21 i think.
Also, if you make a Schedule and group might work, (if your parameters are Shared Parameters)

Keep in mind that type parameters can only have one value, so you’d have to get the type, then move values from type parameters to type parameters. Varying instance parameters assigned to a type parameter will result in only one value being kept (the last one in the list).

Is that part of a certain package? It didn’t come up in the search, closest thing was Element.TypeName which seems like it didn’t work

Whoops, sorry if I didn’t word it clear, I’m trying to copy one type parameter to another type parameter. Instance parameters aren’t being touched, but the script I found was intended for that instead.

Elements.Type in the archilab package should do the trick then.

Is it listed as I installed it but it doesn’t appear to include that node


That’s the one. You may need an older version as it looks like you may be using an outdated Dynamo build, and that build is intended for Revit 2019, Dynamo 2, and is issue #8 of that combination. Find the newest version which is xxxx.1.yy and see if that resolves the issue.