How to parse Excel info into Revit's schedule project parameters

Hi, I have 3 custom sheet index schedule project parameters. They are “discipline, phase and series parameters.” These are essential when it comes to sorting sheets and I would like to be able to control the info in excel and push the data to Revit’s schedule.

I’ve got the sheet index and sheet name working but can’t seem to find a way to push the data to “schedule project parameters.”

I don’t think those have element IDs to begin with…
Any ideas? Please help.

You need to export the sheets Guid and the parameter you mentioned to excel. Then import them in Revit with another graph.

Please post what you have so far so we can have a look.

Hi, this is my ultimate goal. I want to control sheet index order by 3 custom project parameters.
I would like to control the order in Excel but no matter what, I can’t make it happen.

I know BIMlink can do it so there got to be a way in Dynamo…

So, as a start, I got it set up like above as step #1.

My excel has 5 columns, so I divided them up with code block.

Fed sheet number and name to “readymade” node. Here, I’ve tried to define my custom project parameter insdie the “create.placeholder.sheet” node but no success.

So, I took the alternative route. Searched the category in Revit and made sure;

  1. parametername matches
  2. the value from a[0] is pulled into "element.set.parameterbyname,

What am I missing?!?

Please help.


If you want to create placeholder sheets, refer to the below post.

Once the placeholder sheets are created, push the data back with Element.SetParameterByName.

I’m having problems uploading images.

Download the images from the link below:!AjD2jKUSZk_2gkLWIoveq4kv29VI

Oh wow! Thank you so much! Seems high-tech to me. This is going to take a little bit of research on my end to catch up to your solution.

Thank you again!

OK. I followed what you did. 1 more quick question please although may sound dumb. (I’m a noob.)

How do I control “A - J” via Excel? Currently, A-J are controlled by the code block, not by the values from the same spread sheet. Is that correct?

Thanks much.



I think you have already covered that part.

Read the excel spreadsheet and separate the data as you did (x[0], x[1],…etc.).

Be sure you feed the correct data type (string).

OK. Thank you again. Very glad to know the guru is around!


Not a problem :slight_smile:

I wish I was the guru! :grin:

Download the image below if you want to create the placeholder sheets and push the data to Revit in one go:!AjD2jKUSZk_2gkN8zbMlouL7ymLC