Copy data from Excel to Revit based on Plot Number

Hi All,
I am new to Dynamo, I am working on a Master planning project which has around 100 plots in it,
I am using Revit to create sheets.
1. I have all the required data already available in excel based on plot numbers,
and I have created all 100 sheets in revit where Sheet Number indicates the Plot Number.

Now I want the Data from excel to go to right Sheet in Revit, the only thing my excel & revit has common is Plot Numbers and I want to use this parameter to copy data to it’s right place in revit.

It’s difficult to explain for me, I will share Some Screen Shots.


you need to do some work in Revit and some in Dynamo.


  • Create Shared Parameters for all your all information you need. Example: Land Use, Plot Area…
  • Load your shared parameter in your project, picking Sheet as category
  • Create a Title Block with all your information. You have to use labels and every labels must be associated to your shared parameter.


  • Import your excel file
  • Select all your sheets
  • Create a SetParameterValueByName for every parameter you want to edit (Land Use, Plot Area…)
  • Feed each one with the correct column/row of your excel file

It’s quite a long workflow, but it can help you saving a lot of time. For every step of the workflow please refer to the DynamoPrimer or to other online resources, I’m sure you can find other useful topics in the forum.
If you have specific troubles on the way, post your graph and we will try to help

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I am not able to upload my Graph it says “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”

Anyways, I have My graph ready the only problem I am facing is,

  • The data from excel is not going to the right sheet, I want to make sure that the Data from Excel Plot Number M-001 goes to Sheet Number M-001 in Revit.
    I want Dynamo to Check if both the Plot Number(from excel) & Sheet Number(Revit Parameter) are matching before it inserts the Data.



You can give a try with Sort.ByKey, where List is your sheet list and Keys are your excel sheet names

I figured it out, IndexOf did the trick.