How to open dyn files of old versions?

Hello. I found one file but it saw that blabla file is belongs of too old version of dynamo. what should I do?

Hi @lexalex83

Dynamo latest version supports older version files also. It will warn you message but you can hit open. If you find some nodes depreciated you can replace with the new ones.

sometimes it happend to me, that there was not only a warning message, you really cannot open the old file (maybe this is fixed in the newest Dynamo version?). In that case u can open the dyn file with an text editor (e.g. notepad++ is a good one) and change the row with the dynamo version to a new. And then it is possible to open the file.


Hi there, Thank you for this tip however i have used the Notepad text editor and plugged in the version of dynamo (Revit). When executing the file this did not open and displayed the same message. I have no idea how i can gain access to my dynamo file. Do you have any other suggestions? I will try the latest version of Dynamo as instructed above and see if this helps.

  • OK so i have downloaded the latest version of Dynamo and i still get the same error when trying to open my dynamo file. I created the original file within the last two months.

Hi @DynamoCanDo

Drop your dyn file here we will fix it for you.

Many thanks. Although this could be a common problem once i delve into my library. If you can see what’s up with the attached i would be grateful.


@DynamoCanDo It is fixed open this TAG -STRUCT BEAM SCRIPT.dyn (7.4 KB)

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It worked!

Thank you so much!

@DynamoCanDo No Problem :wink:

Hi There,

I wanted to used the above node “TAG STRUCT BEAM SCRIPT” For another project using RVT 2017. I’m getting the error that the node does not work in the latest version of dynamo and that it’s only compatible with an earlier version. 0.6.1.

Now here is here is where it gets interesting. If i open a blank revit 2017 project and open the dyn file containing the tag node it opens. However when i open my current project and try and open the dyn file it says it’s not compatible. The versions of revit are the same??

KulKul could you fix the file again? This node is extremely useful. I’m not sure why this is, any thoughts?TAG -STRUCT BEAM SCRIPT (2).dyn (8.0 KB)

Many thanks


@DynamoCanDo Try this TAG -STRUCT BEAM SCRIPT (Kulkul).dyn (9.2 KB)

Hi KulKul,
Thank you again for such a quick response.
Unfortunately the node does not work when i open dynamo for my current project file. Perhaps it’s something to do with my current project causing this issue as the dyn file opens while using a blank revit project.

When i load the dyn file while i have my current project open i get the compatibility error and it keeps popping up after i press ok. I then have no other option but to force dynamo to quit and this leaves the revit file unresponsive and revit needs to be forced to close also. I’ve tried this multiple times.

Thanks for the file and your immediate response all the same i appreciate it.

@DynamoCanDo Looks like your having conflict with old custom packages. Try uninstalling all the packages and open your dyn file.