Dyn file doesn't open on old version(2019) of Revit after modified on recent version(2022)

Some of my dyn files doesn’t open on old version after I modified it on recent version even though I used only old traditional nodes without any nodes from packages.
When I try to open these files, Dynamo just open new empty graph without any error messages.
Any idea?

Can you check if you’re using the up-to-date version 2.0.4 for Revit 2019?

2022-01-10 18_31_05-Window

Can you share the error screen while opening the dyn file?

There is no error message like i said. just open empty new file without any message.

Check the dynamo error log once it is opened, to see this log follow what i describe in the following post

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Hi there Dynamo users. Same issues here. Some of my dyn files (with no nodes from packages on it) don’t open in older dynamo versions when they where created in Revit 2022 and Dynamo 2.10.
I have to say though that they had python nodes.
@Hyunu_Kim did you find any solution?

@Brendan_Cassidy the problem i think is that the node doesn’t open at all. Is like a ghost file, il opens a new blank work space…

It may open as a Blank file but within the error log it may say “File not opened because of …”. Therefore helping to root out the cause.

Not yet.

Hello Brendan. Where can I find this error log?

Hold down shift and press the up arrow. Where the log is saved will be listed in the console that displays once you do this.

@Hyunu_Kim and @Pit can you both post your DYN files and logs here so the community can test opening on other systems to see what the blocker is?

I can’t see any log.

This is a sample file…
version test.dyn (16.8 KB)

@JacobSmall Anything found?

Hello Jacob thanks for your answer,
I’ve found the log file.
Find it attached and also the .dyn file. I have had a look at the log and maybe it has to do with some packages. It would be strange because i’ve done some tests in computers with no packages installed and the problem still persists. In Revit 2022 works correctly.
Have a nice tuesday.
dynamoLog_8a89d718-8380-47e3-bc6f-9fe71fb11d30.txt (73.8 KB)

dynamoLog_e18ccb13-9044-42f1-a36c-30323e447db4.txt (77.1 KB)
copyFilters_R20-R21.dyn (19.8 KB)

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It is almost certainly a Revit add-in conflict. Can you try disabling all Revit add-ins and Dynamo packages, and see if that resolves things? If so, add the Dynamo packages back up and see if it is still clear. If it is fine with all Dynamo packages installed then start adding back add-ins a fire at a time until it reproduces. Once you get the error to reproduce you can seek out an update for that add-in or work with the manufacturer to get a patch.

Also it looks as if you are losing the wrong version of Archilab for your Revit year - make sure the version you install ends with the same last two digits as your Revit year. That shouldn’t be complicating things here but you never know.


Hello Jacob thanks again for your help. So I have disabled all addins (and doesn’t work) but I don’t know how to disable packages without uninstalling them, which is annoying if I want to work later on. Any idea also on that?

Rename the directories which contains your packages before starting Dynamo. You can get the actual directories by looking in the node and package paths setting in Dynamo (though this means you will have to restart Revit for the changes to stick.

@Pit did you try removing all packages as a test as per Jacob’s suggestion? :slight_smile:

@Hyunu_Kim I can reproduce your issue in Revit 2019 using your file.
The issue is that this PR:

started serializing dropdowns using a new enum, that enum does not exist in old versions of dynamo, and very old versions of Dynamo 2.x don’t handle this case well, so the whole graph fails to deserialize.

I am not yet sure the range of versions newer than 2.0.4 - but those before this PR went in which are affected by this change.

The bad news, theres no great way to retroactively fix the old version of Dynamo.
the good news is your files can be converted to load in both versions - just find and replace the string “dropdownSelection” and “hostSelection” with “Selection” - and the file will open.

Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 1.55.02 PM

we are investigating solutions.


Hello solamour thanks for your question. Yes I have deactivate all the addins and still not working.