How to Obtain Point Load X, Y, & Z Coordinates


I am trying to obtain the X, Y, & Z coordinates for point loads that I assigned in my model through the Analyze tab in Revit. I do not understand why Element.Location returns an empty list. Can someone please help me obtain the point load coordinates.

Thank you!

Try Element.Geometry. It’s sometimes a viable alternative.

@JacobSmall spot on :+1:

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Thank you for your reply. How would I go about obtaining just the start point X, Y, and Z coordinates for the area load?

Maybe use Point.X and Point.Y and Point.Z

The area load doesn’t have a point - it has many lines which define the boundaries of the load. Curve.Startpoint will give you the corner points of the area. The first point listed would be the first line drawn in the sketch - perhaps that’s what you’re after?

Once you have the point(s), you can get the X Y and Z values via the Point.X, Point.Y and Point.Z nodes.

If that doesn’t work please post a new topic as this one is already solved above. You may want to run through the Dynamo Primer as well as it covers some of your follow up question in good examples which teach the concepts - be sure not to skip any exercise as the journey is the important bit, not the results.

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