Coordinates XYZ from Revit to Excel

Hello. I am trying to find a way to export coordinates XYZ of Beam from Revit to Excel.

My problem is I’m already tried many method to do it but I can’t do anything even find the coordinates XYZ in Revit from my model.

Sorry if my question is to easy but if someone could do it, please help me. Thank you :slight_smile:


thats with bounding box…

… you can also try centerpoint or familylocationpoint

I would not use bounding box unless the box is aligned with the shape of the geometry, not aligned with the coordinate system axis x,y


at least you can work with start and endpoint.



create a curve end and start point and find the middle of the line to specify coordinates?

Beams are curve driven elements and have at least 2 coordinate values depending on the curve type. If you only want the midpoint, then get the curve of the beam using say the OOTB Element.Location node or clockworks Element.Location+ node. From this, you can use OOTB Curve.GetPointAtParameter and inputting 0.5 as the parameter value which will give you midpoint.

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