How to modify "Shape Handles" with Dynamo

I want to create a wall detail like the one in the image.

I have created a wall and I have divided it into parts, and now I want to edit the shape handles to make each piece sequentially smaller.

¿Any idea how to access this parameter with Dynamo?


A screenshot of what you tried would be useful. Did you also plug an Element.Parameters node on your parts elements to see what’s coming out of it?

Of course @Yna_Db!

I had not attached the code because I got stuck very soon :frowning:

I tried to change the size by changing the height parameter, but it is read-only:


Unfortunately I dont have time to test it myself, but see what’s here :

Thanks a lot!

I have already been able to edit the size of the model, when I have the complete code I will post it.


for face in faceArray:
	offsetCtr = offsetCtr + 0.1
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