How can I edit parameters and dimensions for exported dynamo surface or solid or any object

Hi everyone:
would you please tell me how can I use an exported dynamo surface or solid or any object to Revit as a family and could be customized for any project. I mean edit its dimensions and parameters to be used for structural analysis.
I mean for example give a thickness to the surface geometry and assign material as a shell structure like RC and draw reinforcement for it …etc
many thanks in advance …

all geometry imported from Dynamo into Revit will be a Geometry of direct shape method. There is Dynamo packages like Springs that have nodes to import this direct shape geometry into family template first and after to the revit project space. But this geometry in most cases will not be modifiable unless its not a simple box, I guess.

hello bro
do you mean that I have to use dynamo every time for any required change?
OK but how can i give a thickness to a surface and use it as a shell?


If you need something parametric, better to create a parametric family once and after Dynamo can control the parameters that you prepared.

you can try this node

good idea, many thanks
but if I have a dome for example and I want to import it and attach it to 4 columns for example and use it as a RC shell structure, how can I do it?

You can make this through model in place tool or massing tool

Sill.rvt (636 KB)

I will try it …

This can help: Dynamo Dictionary

Thanks bro . . . . . .