Can I Set Parts Height in Dynamo

It’s Read-Only Parameter


are you looking something like this? try it.

It’s warning read-only :sob::sob::sob:

this part have a profile right? you will need to play with the profile geometry instead. it wont be as easy as the previous post

I can’t edit part profile because it created by wall. :scream::scream:

but it is possible to manually adjust the height of the part?

Yes but I try to find solution to set via dynamo to faster.

then edit the wall height directly.

It is possible with the api, here is a sample

GeometryElement geomElem = part.get_Geometry( new Options() );

  foreach( GeometryObject geomObject in geomElem.Objects )
    if( geomObject is Solid )
      Solid solid = geomObject as Solid;
      FaceArray faceArray = solid.Faces;
      foreach( Face face in faceArray )
        if( part.CanOffsetFace( face ) )
          part.SetFaceOffset( face, offsetCtr );
        offsetCtr += 0.1;
seems like you can do it using api. thanks @Einar_Raknes