How to match family name with materials?


I am trying to export some materials information to an Excel file. Here I can get the name, the density, the area and the volume of all the materials that are in the walls.


But I can’t figure out how to get the family of the material. Here is what I would like to have in excel :


Here is what my dynamo file looks like :

Thanks for your help

Your best bet is getting the name of the wall type from the starting All Elements of Category node and then using a List.Count @L2 against the Elements.GetMaterials. This will get you the count of how many materials are in each wall element, along with the wall type of this element.

Next, you can do List.OfRepeatedItem using the count and the wall type to get the wall type for each individual element. You can add this to the List.Create node.

All of this requires a lot of working with levels that you will probably have to play around with.

Thank you very much @kennyb6 ! I tried your solution and it works perfectly fine :slight_smile:

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