Wall Typ - Materialnames

I Try to set all Wall-Type-Names by their Parameter.

We use every Wall-Material to display different wall types.

How can I change all Wall-Types-Names?
Wall_Material.dyn (9.4 KB)
Wand_Material.rvt (452 KB)

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You will need to set wether “Family and Type”, “Family”, or “Type” parameters, the name parameter is read-only.

I use Element.SetName from Clockwork and it work very good. But for better control I need all Material-names of every WallType

I did not know (or forgot) that this node would do that, thanks for that. You can use Element.Name in materials output of FamilyType.CompoundStructureLayers to get the names of the materials.

Thank you, this is the way to get all Material-Names of the wall-types in project

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How comes that some types don’t have any material?

It’s likely set to ByCategory. I’ll create an issue on the clockwork repo…


all this wall-layer have no spezific material, they set “by category”

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Problem with walls, where first layer is “By Category”

Yeah, that’s a general Dynamo issue, unfortunately. Can you try Clockwork’s Element.Name+ node instead?

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I think, my second way is my choose

Great regard from osnabrück :slight_smile:

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I will be very interested in your script, would you be so kind as to provide it to me?
Thank you