How to List/report View Templates w/ Properties from an RVT file path input

Does anyone know of a node like CAD.ReportInstances that can similarly report view templates within a RVT file via a file path input? I’m trying to generate a list of view templates within a given RVT file path that includes each view template’s individual properties settings just like the CAD.ReportInstances node does. Please see my graph below. It would be great if I could swap the CAD.ReportInstances node with one that did the same thing with multiple view template settings. Thanks!

This should do it for you.

See this thread for VT properties

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Thanks for sharing. Where should I connect your graph to data port on the Excel.WriteToFile node? Maybe the out port on the List.FilterByBoolMask?

That would give you all of the views not the VT’s in that file. You may need to get there name or something else. I am not sure what data you want but you could just connect the IN port.

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Interesting question.

View parameter values ​​are not easily readable.

I didn’t find a view properties node so I made a new one View Properties

The workflow becomes :

Project view and the System Browser cause an error in the View.IsViewTemplate node and therefore the List.DropItems node removes them.

EDIT : Custom node added in the last update of Genius Loci package.


You can also checkout this post for more VT Items

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