Getting View Template Data

This is following on from another thread where the user was looking to get access to the view template parameters via Dynamo. @Konrad_K_Sobon has produced a great set of nodes to do just this allowing you extract and adjust your view templates as you need to.

This has now raised the question as to whether we can delve deeper into the Template itself and get info on the parameters themselves such as the state of the categories within Visibility Graphics or Filters. From a management point of view it would be very useful to see what alterations people are making to templates between projects and also help plan and apply new templates to projects.

If anyone has any ideas on how this could be achieved that would be great (personally I’ve no idea at this point where or how you would start to do this!)

Link to original thread for reference : Setting View Templates Includes



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Any progress on linked model visibility graphic overrides, by any chance?