Copy RVT Links of View Template to another one (same project)


since Design Option and Revit Links are not open to API, i was wondering if i can export those values in the View Template to an Excel file and then import them back to another View Template?

i’d appreciate any help, thanks a lot.

Revit links are accessible through dynamo. The Rhythm package also has a node that allows you to access any Revit file given its path.(Application.OpenDocumentFile) You could simply plug the path from a linked file into that to open it and then use that document as an input when applying your view template settings.

I think he means the RevitLinks section of the ViewTemplate settings

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hi @arshamm, you can try this way or use " Revit’s Transfer Project Standard ".

These nodes are from “Quasar Package”.

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I guess I didn’t explain myself clear enough,
I linked 6 models into a project,
Each model has a few design options,
In the 3d view, I have a view template which all the links are set to their proper design option,
I also have different design options for floor plans and elevations,
Instead of modifying those design options one by one, is there a way to use Dynamo/Excel, to copy the parameters of RVT link from 3D view template settings to other ones (floor plan and elevation view templates)?


@jean, any idea how to fix this? The window is not dynamic and I can’t get to the “OK” button to move forward in the process?


@jean, another question too. Could one of your nodes be modified to be able to copy detail and model groups from one project to another? Thanks!

Hi @JustinStirling, if it’s the case, you can double click(edit) the custom node and type in a reasonable size as below;

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@JustinStirling Yes, of course, you can always modify as you need. Like for instance: from this CopyLevelAndGridFromLinkDocument node, you can copy any other Elements instead of Levels & Grids.
Here is Package Repo :
Here is Package Info :


Hi Jean,

I have some trounleusing the nodes TransferViewTemplateAndFilter from Quasar,

It doesn’t allow me to select the template,and so it copy everything without exception …

I’m running dynamo 2.x and revit 2020.

Do you know how I should deal with it ?

Thanks for your prescious time


Hi @EricRevit, there are two nodes, copy only selected & copy all. You are using the latter one to copy all.


It seems that it’s still not working,

I saved the script and launch it again but I don’t know why nothing happen…

Any idea ?