How to keep geometry edges always vertical?


I would like to know if we can choose to keep the edges of a geometry vertically.
I’m trying to create a ramp by means of 3 curves but the edges are slightly sloped.

I used the surface.thicken node.

Thank you in advance.

make some more geometry and use geometry.split, cutting your geometry?

Surface.Thicken extrudes a surface along the normal(s), so it’s likely that you’d get non-vertical edges on a curving ramp.

Instead take the original closed curve (before it’s a surface), and translate it along the Z axis by the distance you want to thicken it by, and then use a Solid.ByLoft to generate a solid which maintains the vertical edges.

Be careful on this one though, you could most likely end up with non uniform thickness. The reason why surface thicken uses the normal is to ensure uniform thickness across the whole domain of the original surface.

One method you could do is the cookie cutter method, which is to over size the original surface, then thicken, then use a another vertical surface profile that matches the desired profile to perform a boolean cut on the solid.

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Hi Jacob,
Thank you for your help.
For the moment I don’t have any closed curve. I have 3 curves.
I’m trying to offset every curve and then close them. After that I guess I can use a Solid.ByLoft.
But I don’t know how to close every parallel curve with its original curve.

Think I would need the full graph to see the data structure so I know how to close this one out. Can you post it and whatever may be needed to reduce the depth?

Certainly a good thing to keep in mind. I’ll spend some time trying to make an example to illustrate this.

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Hi Jacob,

Attached the rvt file and graph. I use 3 construction 2d curves(splines) from the rvt file.

Thank you.ramp_test.rvt (3.0 MB) ramp1.dyn (46.0 KB)