How to join polysurfaces to have a unique FamilyInstance SpringNode

It’s me again. I have a very stupid problem and i am not able to fix it.
I have a set of arcs and their polysurfaces from a sweep extrusion. The point is that i would like to join them in order to create a unique polysurface that gives me a unique new familyInstance in Revit.
I tried many things but i am not able to join them.
Actually if i join them i have a sort of bad visualization preview.
I hope someone could help me! thanks in advance.

Here a screen of what i see in my preview.
The two elements selected on Revit Preview are made with the same and are both made by two arcs that works in different ways.I joined surfaces inside the code node for both.

for the first one no problem, se second one its like cutted in a half.
But actually i would like to have 17 families.
If i don’t join surfaces it show me a right 3d preview but with 21 families, that is not the result that would like to have.

So possibilities are two i think. join 2polysurfaces into one or join families into one.
Any suggestion?
Thanks thanks

@Elisabetta_Caterina In the absence of a file to look at, I would suggest that you alter the offending geometry a little. Something like - Change a dimension a little, split a curve into two …

hello! i can share it! It’s a node that i am working at.
The problem is that i can’t change measures.
Thank you very much.


@Elisabetta_Caterina Looked at your files and would suggest you try making the following alterations

  1. Don’t create Polysurface in your custom node
  2. Let the custom node return curves
  3. Create a polycurve from the curves obtained and sweep

mmmm ook :slight_smile:

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