Join polycurves

I have multiple poly curves. I want make all those into only one poly curve and I am trying to use curve,join node but it is not working. So please let me know how to do this ?

what is behind the shown node ? we need to see the structure of feeding list.

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Hi @ingenieroahmad PFA of feeding list as snipped below.

Hello could you show element curves…probably you just need a flattern before polycurve join

Hi @sovitek if I use flatten node then PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves will fail

try this below.

if it fails you have to sort curves in right sequence before join

It fails. I have tried it before. So you are telling me to sort in right sequence. What does it mean ? I am not getting your point

Get a point in the middle of each curve before join and sort by key then join.

Try this one here from Ampersand if you will sort…

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Yes thanks but it generates multiple poly curves from curves. I dont want that. I want to have only one poly curves joined from multiple curves.

could you share your files

I have taken all the mid points but not able to sort it out by key. Can you please tell me how it could be done ?

feed the key by Point.X

@ingenieroahmad Its done but how to join poly curves ? By doing this only we get the sorted list.

join the sorted list of curves out of sortkey node.

Please supply your .dyn-file and a sample Revit file.
It would benefit us all :slight_smile:

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Sort order should be irrelevant.

What is the error produced when you do the flatten method?

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try to sort the nurbscurve out the list…anyway so long you dont share your files everything its just guess