FamilyInstance.ByGeometry problem: What did I wrong?

I tried to make surface with Spring node’s FamilyInstance.ByGeometry node.
But I can’t bring the surface to Revit.
I don’t know why this is not work. Can you guys offer me suggestions?

This is my code.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @ikek102030 ,

This may be a long shot, but have you tried to thicken your surface, so you have a solid instead of a surface?


As i know some of nodes are not supporting a surface.
Can you try “Directshape.ByGeometry” or “Importinstance.ByGeometry”.

Or as MartinSpence said, You can thicken the surface.


I just tried sample. I could make surface geometry by using FamilyInstance.ByGeometry.
Can you share your error message or share your file?


Hello…could it help made a surface by crosssection instead of polysurface ?

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But can you make a polysurface?

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Yes i tried and had no issue.


Thank you for answer.
I tried that, but not working. :frowning:

Thank you for your helpful answer.

I tried Importinstance.ByGeometry. This can make instance, but I want make Family that I can modify parameters.

This is my whole code.
I captured with Dynamo’s default capture tool but node names aren’t appear.

So this is a link of video that I watched for study Dynamo on Youtube.

I’m not sure but I think the problem is last node. The result is null.

And here’s what happened.
I can see the result in Dynamo, but I can’t modify that surface in Revit.

Sorry for my bad English and Thank you for your answer again.

Hi,@sovitek. Thank you for your answer.
Do you mean ‘ByLoftCrossectionNode’?

FamilyInstance.ByGeometry is not OOTB node. So I feel the developer didn’t test it in Korean environment(You’re category input).

To get more information, Can you double click the node and copy “Python Script” to your graph and use same input. if you run it, you will get error message. it will contain more detail.

By the way, I just watched the tutorial. She just used surface for the reference of a roof. So you can use the other nodes I mentioned.

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Yes i do…and If you are on revit 2022, the FamilyInstance.ByGeometry will not work as it isnt upgraded yet…


I tried both of your suggestion but I can’t get roof as family.
And I double clicked node as you said, but only appear change name form.
Thank you.

oh…I see. Thank you for the answer.

There is a way to contact Dimitar Venkov and ask him to update that node? It works better than Aautodesk FamilyType.ByGeometry and FamilyInstance.ByPoint. I don’t understan how hard can it be for Autodesk to create a node who place a family in the same place and with the same scale of the given solid.


Indeed…there is other ways to come around it…:wink: but if you work in 2022 i understand you will miss Spring in the moment…but i am sure it will be upgraded :wink: cheers

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Yes, i updated Revit withouth thinking, did a lot of stuff on the model and now that i had to run dynamo all my process are stuck.

Does anyone have an update on the geometry exporting issues in Revit 2022?

Hi @bayowindapo …try synthezise toolkit it had a node for geometry import thre works in 2022


Many thanks @sovitek @jacob.small I’ll have a look.