How to introduce objects on imported excel points

Hi folks! ,

I’m new using Dynamo for Revit so I’m sorry if my question is too simple :slight_smile: .

I’ve recived topographic points (x,y,z) and I want to put on every point a object (always the same object) but I can’t… Can you say what I’m doing wrong?
(sorry for my bad english)

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Hey Tomaso,

What error are you seeing on both nodes? (Hover over the text boxes above the yellow nodes)

As a guess, I imagine the error is that the input of those nodes are expecting some kind of number data type and its currently receiving a string. Multiple ways of solving this, it may work changing the read as string to false in your excel import node or by using the node string.tonumber.

For example, the below produces an error as i’m inputting string

But after converting to an “number” in this case a int64, its happy:

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@TomasoCardia @Joe.ashton ,

i prefer to work with CSV when it comes to points…


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