How to Intersect Topology with Geometry and List Corner Points

Hello everyone, I am trying to get overall elevation for buildings on a topology. In order to do that I tried to intersect topology with geometry, I got all points at intersection but i need to get only corner points. Any idea how to do that? Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Take the building’s perimeter curves and create vertical lines from those points. intersect the lines with the topography and you should be all set.

Thank you Jacob but the thing is I have couple hundreds of buildings like that :slight_smile: My aim is figure out a code that automatically detect optimal sitting elevation for each building. Thats why im trying to list only corner points not all points on the buildings perimeter curves. After that I will find the average height and place the 0 point of the building at that height.

Can you post your current graph? I believe that the point extrusion effort I described above would be less compute than the solid boolean you are describing.

The way I think that create a subregion on topology and getting points from that line. After that I’m listing z values and avarage it. However your way seems more efficient for me but I couldnt get perimeter curve from geometry and create vertical lines as you mentioned. I’m sharing my code below. Can you also create a simple example and share it’s code. It is all new for me sorry for the trouble :slight_smile: