Bounding box geometry


Hey guys, i need this bounding box as shown in the picture, to sort out tiles that are not touching the roof, this works fine. The problem is actually getting the right geometry of the bounding box.

The roof has a slope in 2 directions tough. As you can see in the picture the bounding box, wraps around the lower and the upper point of the geometry.

Is there a way to work around this, or is that just the way bounding box, works?

And if so, does anybody have a idea how i could take out the tiles?

Thx in advantage.


Hello,i don’t understand much your images ! but why d’ont you use the solids of the elements to check if there is an intersection with your roof solid ! i think it’s better than the bounding box who don’t gives you the correct form but simply a box in which the element fit !
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Hey Talbi, well actually you got it right, the question was actually whatever the bounding box fitted the geometry or it just made a box for it… so thx… Well it sounds like a good idea, so you are saying that if the geometry does not intersect with the roof, then it should be removed?


Yes you can do that, filtering with a boolean filter aftre the intersection node then you have to use a delete node from a package !


Hey again

I came to this now… So can you give me a little pointer, on how to get them from false and true to get only the geometrys containing true? :slight_smile:


If you are intersecting a solid with Revit elements and want to know which elements intersect, you could try BimorphNodes Element.IntersectsSolid node. It’s also a lot faster that Geometry.Intersect or other nodes from Dynamo’s, rather clunky, Geometry library!


@Phanse17 sorry for now i’m not in front of dynamo but it’s easy you have just to use filter by boolean and fill it with the solids list and the resut of the geometry does intersect node ! Very simple
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