Topography intersection with building

Hi Forum,

how can i find out if the topography and the building intersect? and if so, where do they intersect(Location)? do i have to transform the topo into a Surface or a mesh? I have transformed the topo into a surface and tried it but it did not work, I got an empty list. Any ideas?

Thank you in advance

Try the converting the topo to a mesh and use the Mesh.ToPolysurface node from the Springs package.


I Need the height of the topography at the Point where the topography intersects the Building.

Does somebody has an idea?

Thank you in advance

I guess you have to elaborate a little bit more. Following your building outline and given that a topography never is flat, there is of course many locations where your building intersects the topo. Is it the centroid of the building outline your after or something else entirely?

An idea:

Get the edges of the topo, create a polycurve from the joined curves (you’ll have two), and get the one with a smaller bounding box. After that you can get as many Z values from as many points along each line as you like.