How to install Orchid package?


can any one explain how to install Orchid Package


Go to my github site…

There is only one node in the package you download from the Package Manager, and this one node takes you to my github… or look at my profile, here is also all the needed links


thanks for replying in this updated package i need this

and update is showing this


First… you need to apply the new way familydocument node works

next, if I should be able to help, please include full image of the graph AND the graph file.


i can not read the examples on your blog very well
nor can i zoom in
is it me?
i clicked HasAssociated and convert.
my screen is 55" 4K (tv set)
Chrome is my browser
Ctrl and mousewheel normally give me zoom options
but not on the link, maybe too many nodes in one picture?


it is the free “blogger” connected to Google, and it comes apparently with a price… images is not readable all trough they are exact the same as those I upload in my sample collection!?

The next “price” is that code parts require some external plugins to look “right” which the user need to accept over and over again. So until now have I copied code parts by using this forum to create the code “look”.

It might be me, there dosnt know the platform that well in writing, but if there is no options for better solutions to this, then I will move to another host for my blog.

So for now, see my sample collection, here you can also get the graph file :slight_smile: