How to import excel file of element xyz back to revit

Hi all,
I have followed the post to export xyz of elements(framing).
I want to edit the xyz values and then import back to revit.
But I’m not sure what’s the string I have to input so that error don’t occur.
Anyone knows? thanks!

Below the first one is the export part.
The excel file I exported looks like the second one.
Then it comes the import/error part.


@tmutarakan what’s the error? can you post your dyn and excel files?

It looks like you are trying to edit existing framing by setting a parameter named “start x”
This won’t work.

The challenge you have is to match up records from the Excel spreadsheet with the elements (if that it what you are trying to do) For example, something needs to tell Dynamo that the record in row 2 matches elementID 438391

It is easier to create new geometry than modify existing- refer

@tmutarakan The problem is, just as Andrew stated, that you are trying to modify a parameter named “start.x”, which probably doesn’t exist. However, from what I gather you want to modify the curve of the framing (the geometry).

If you have a good reason for keeping the existing elements (if not I urge you to use Andrews suggestion), you can use the “Element.SetLocation” node. See example in image below.

Hope it helps!

The thing is that I just started using Revit.
I have my frames all built like this.

I thought it would be easy if I could import the coordinates I want as integer for once.

Did you export that data from an analysis package? If so, which one?

I have built my frames by hand.