How to import a .dll into Dynamo


I have just created a very simple c# component but I am having trouble loading it in Dynamo. I’ve attached both my .dll and visual express project as a .zip file ComponentTest

I have read this thread (

I am copying the dll into here C:\Program Files\Dynamo 0.7\

I did also try and import via the menu bar but I get the following error:

load error



Am I missing something?



Hi Miguel,

You may have figured this out since then but I was able to import the dll for lumion via the import drop down at the top of dynamo. I didn’t really know what it did at first but then I saw that I have access to a bunch of nodes that are basically buttons in the lumion revit Add-In.

Hello, How we can download Package “LumionPlauginForRevit” for Dynamo? I can’t find it in
I have this plug in for revit. I don’t have this in dynamo.but in your gif, that plug-in is in dynamo too.