How to make own box?

Hi, I have implement .dll file and put it into Dynamo install file, but it doesn’t work. What else do I need to do?

You don’t need to put that in Dynamo Install folder, Import that dll using menu option Libraries>Import Library


Hi is your dynamo is 7.0? why in my dynamo do not have “library”?

I believe this was already discussed here:

and they refer to the page here:

Ritesh is using the daily build.

Thanks Dimitar for the clarification and details.

@Yuekun: I am on our latest daily build, this functionality was added after release of Dynamo 0.7.0



Thanks Dimitar,

I was follow the website make the .dll file. In the website they said put the .dll file into the install file and it works. But it not work in my computer. I think there maybe missing some steps. Have you already it out?

Thanks Ritesh,

But Dynamo 0.7 is not using C# right?

Hi Ritesh why in my Dynamo 0.70 do not have library?

Yuekun Pan, I’m not 100% sure but I think the described method for DLLs is for dynamo 0.63 and previous versions. You might need to add some extra dependencies in your code for it to work on 0.7+ but unfortunately I do not have the knowledge on that.

Hope you get it working! Please share your results if you do.

Yuekun Pan Dynamo 0.7 is c# based.

Why you are not able to see that Library import option in 0.7 build because we had removed that functionality in that Release, because it was having some issues, we fixed all those issues and now that functionality is back in latest daily Build ( ).



Hi Yuekun Pan,

In 0.7.1 we are coming up with an interesting feature called zero touch import and the UI shown by Ritesh is for zero touch import.

If you have a C# dll, which provides some utility methods and you want to wrap them as Dynamo nodes, you can directly import your dll implementing the required utility through the Import Library UI as shown by Ritesh and you will see a node for your utility method available in Dynamo Node Library.

More details regarding this is mentioned here.