How to give default input for Dynamo Custom Node

Hi all,
I am trying to create custom nodes in the dynamo.
I tried to give default input values for familyparameternames, familyparametervalues and family_to_be_mirrored when it is null, but it is giving the error of “Function”.

I uploaded some pic for the better explanation.

Can anyone help me on this?

pic%201 Pic%202

I guess it’s because True and False are primitive types, so don’t use quotation marks, those are for strings.

Beat me to it @lucamanzoni :+1:

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I tried without quotation marks also but it didnt helped me and for other inputs also it doesn’t work.

Sorry I didnt withdrawn the post

False in Python is a capital letter “F” but in DesignScript / Dynamo it is with a lowercase “f” so “false”, no quotation still though :wink: (It can be identified by the color of the text changing color for true/false in designscript)


Thanks Jonathan.
I try to solve with this step.

And one more query how to assign an empty list instead of null?

Empty lists are just [], so where you have var = null or false, put in []


Thank you kenny