Casework warehouse problem


Hi there,

I cannot make this Paul Aubin’s script work for me, I’ve got this error:

Any idea?



You need to wire in all the inputs into the second node on the graph.


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even without these imputs Dynamo should use the default values witch is not the case.
I try putting a boolean into the toggle imput but it ends up with the same problem…


Right-click on the node input and select “Use default” if the node doesn’t seem to be doing just that.

As long as the node output says “Function” it’s missing inputs.


Check the contents of that custom node. As long as it is only returning a function that’s the error and this will fail.


Thank you very much guys!


Still struggling with this definition…

It seems that every furniture with more than one type is skipped in the final “place family”.
I know I’ve got “null” values that makes the process incomplete but I can’t figure out why.