Labeling Input Output

When I try to give a label to the Input/Output nodes in a Custom Nodes Dynamo starts adding “var” in a random fashion. I end up having very long label sometime.

What is the best way to give labels to a Custom Nodes?
Is it possible to give default values?

here is an example of the problem I get:

Hi @Askbid,

// is meant to comment in designscript but doesn’t define your input.

Add a line with a name for your input like this:

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here are some rules:

don’t use spaces
// are for comments
name : type

this should be the same code you use in a codeblock when you declare a new variable. If you don’t explicitly add a type we’ll default to var - arbitrary rank array (nested lists of any rank - will not replicate)


is there also a way to give a default value for numerical values?

For example :

Number : int=0
Number : double=0