2.2 Data-Shape UI.Dropdown Data Node

I’m getting this on my UI.DropDown Data node form Data-Shapes after updating my revit to 2.1 and Dynamo to 2.2. Does anyone know who to fix this?


I think in later versions of Dynamo we stopped supporting spaces in the names of inputs for customNodes - this is to match the syntax for a valid ID in designscript and to fix a bug where these names were getting modified when the node was saved - but the node should still run, and unless you’re editing this custom node shouldn’t need to be saved.


might be good to let @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi know.

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Thanks, the script didn’t work and I noticed that I didn’t install all my packages from 2.1 yet. I hadn’t checked since then, just noticed that there was this warning. Once I ran it I noticed that it still does work. I’d like to get rid of the warning. I just have to remove the spaces in the input? This is what that notde looks like now.

I think in this case this node is using reserved keywords as ids and the form looks wrong.

It should be id : type = default , you’ve got two : going on.

I haven’t attempted anything like this before so I don’t really know what I’m talking about.

It appears to me that the input nodes don’t currently have a default value. Is that required or does that just mean that they need to be set before the overall node works?

id : type = default

Would this be correct:
id = Keys, and Values
type = var
default = nothing

Keys : var[]..[]
Values : var[]..[]

this looks correct to me -
default is not required.
var[]..[] is an arbitrary ranked list - this means that input will NOT replicate. You’ll always get exactly what you hooked up to the input port.
if you want replication over that input make it a var or var[]

Hi everyone!
Thanks for the heads up @Michael_Kirschner2.
This is fixed in version 2019.2.32 of the package!