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I’ve seen some articles on Dynamo for Revit that explain how to get user input when launching a script (IsInput). Am I mistaken in that this same functionality does not exist for C3D? Are there custom nodes with this ability? Can we expect this functionality in the future? Thanks

I’ve only dealt with Dynamo for Revit and Studio so I can’t say for certain…
The IsInput method refers to Dynamo Player options which (I’m pretty sure) is only available in Revit. There are custom nodes though that can give the same functionality (but better in my opinion). Data-Shapes is usually the go-to for most people. I would think most, if not all, of that functionality would work for C3D.

Thank you for the response Nick. There is an IsInput option available for the Autocad “Select Object” node but setting this option has no affect on the Dynamo Player as it does for Revit. It’s a shame but I’m sure this will be implemented soon. I’d like to post this request to the wish list although I don’t see one.

Didn’t even know AutoCAD had Dynamo Player. I’m guessing it just wasn’t developed with AutoCAD objects.

The Dynamo for Civil 3D integration doesn’t have a “player” in the same way that the Revit integration does. If you go back to older versions of a Dynamo Player and Revit you will see similar. Methods like ‘all elements of category’ and ‘get selected objects’ with combinations of filters to limit the elements were the only options by then.

Currently Dynamo for Civil 3D is in a similar state. It is however possible to use the AutoCAD API and a Python node or zero touch node to trigger selection tools on execution, similar to how the Datashapes UI package works. Unfortunately the Datashapes package requires the Revit API for interaction with the Revit model, so it’s if no use to you (one of the first packages I tried in Dynamo for Civil 3D).

The type of UI Datashapes provides has not yet been coded by the Dynamo for Civil 3D team (or even the Dynamo for Revit team), and I have not seen any public examples of such nodes for Dynamo for a Civil 3D interaction (though I know a few customers have claimed to have developed some). If you would like to attempt such yourself the code from the Datashapes version is at least somewhat available here:


Thank you Jacob. Although Dynamo for C3D is in it’s infancy I’m very appreciative that it is here. It took min’s to create a VBA macro macro back in the day. With the aboption of .Net, things became time consuming and cumbersome to create simple solutions. I see D4C3D filling that niche.

In the meantime, it would be brilliant if someone would create a custom node to bring in the current selection set for intial use in a graph. If anyone knows of such a node, please post.

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I have flagged the issue with the development team. Hopefully we will see something in a coming update.


Much appreciated. Thanks again Jacob.