How to get the string and geometry associated with Model Text?

I am using revit 2016 and couldn’t find a way to get all the string text and bounding boxes
associated with all the Model Text. Thanks for any pointers.

What have you tried so far?
Element.Parameters as one place to start.

@Robert_Yu There are Standard Revit nodes in Dynamo pertaining particularly to Model Text that you can plug ModelText elements into, one of which outputs the Model Text’s string value. Try searching “Model Text” in the Dynamo Library :wink:

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Thanks for the responses. I ended doing the following:

Where the “Get All ModelText” is a python script: (1.0 KB)


Nice! :slight_smile: Alternatively if you wanted to use Standard nodes you can collect Model Text this way too:

Thank you! I am new to dynamo and was looking at “Categories” instead of “Element Types”.
I couldn’t find “ModelText”, so I wrote the python instead :smile: I like the “Element Types” better.


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