How to get the Text Note message?


I imported a CAD file in Revit and exploded it. As a result, I get a lot of text note, which you can see from the picture 1. I want to get all these messages in dynamo. At first, I used “Select model elements” to get the elements, but I got a warning like picture 2. So I used another way to choose the elements. You can see from picture 3, but there are no text messages. So where is the problem? How can I get the Message. By the way, I used dynamo 1.2.

@A.C, try using the TextElement.Text node from the clockwork package:

Thanks, I know the problem. My Revit 2016 is Chinese system and my Revit 2017 is English system. I used these notes in Revit 2016 with Dynamo before, but I failed. After I tried the note you had introduced to me, I failed again. And then I noticed that maybe is the Chinese version due to the problem. So I tried it again in another version and it worked. Thank you.