Get String from Tags

Hi there!

Hope anyone can help me with this:

I am trying to get the text inside the string from Revit -A in the image-, it means, three values: P1; N 4.207.739,678; E 648.036,019.
I have tried to create a workflow to query the properties of the element -B in the image-, however, it seems I can just access the first value (P1)

Can please anyone give me any insights?



If it’s coordinates you after, the easiest thing to do is the following:



Thanks for that as it works.
However, I still have a problem since when I get the coordinates of the dimension, this one is not exactly the same than the tag (it varies by decimal points).

Is it then possible to get the text of the tags?


It varies because Dynamo is more precies. You need to round the coordinates of the point (self explanatory), then they will be the same as from SpotCoordiantes.

Furthermore, from what I can find, the location of the SpotCoordinate is the only way to get the text of the location because it’s not a text there but actual x and y coordinates.