Revit 2022 ByGeometry

Hi everyone,
i noticed a bug when using almost all (directshape excepted) ByGeometry node to convert Dynamo geometry to Revit geometry.

It’s, one more, unit scaling issue.
Can you confirm and mention how you go about it to fix it?

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Hi @Daniel_Hurtubise …yes thats a big bug, but you can use synthezise toolkit for import instance and family geometry insert (as in spring ) with the right scalling

I notice the scaling is the good old Revit being imperial kind of thing yes


The attached DYN is one such way to accomplish the task at hand. I tested a fair bit but let me know if you run into anything. It’s unlikely this will be an issue in the 2023 product line, but this may have to suffice as a fix in the interim.

familytype_by_geometry_with_instance_in_revit_2022.dyn (36.9 KB)