How to get the length of arraws ( detail item )?

i can see the length as constraints but i can’t show it on schedules Screenshot_1

If you want it schedule make sure it is a shared parameter

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@3Pinter Can you show me example ?


  1. Go to your detail family (edit family)
  2. Change the label you want to appear in your schedule (Length in your case)
  3. To do this: go to type properties, create new parameter, choose Shared Parameter.
  4. Load into family and that new parameter is a field in the detail schedule.

But this is basic revit knowledge and has nothing to do with dynamo. I’d suggest you check this topic using google.

Good luck!


Still doesn’t work ?Screenshot_2

Arraw.rfa (272 KB)

2 possible ways:

  1. using dynamo to get the value and assign to project parameters.(not live)
  2. as 3Pinter suggested

Thank you @lucifer , the dynamo way is better and easier .

but there is problem to get the length parameter , could you share with me your revit file ?

“Comments” not comments

Thank you @lucifer and @3Pinter

its work