How to get the different family types of the door in dynamo?

There are six doors with different names, I tried to solve it with (Family.byname), but in revit he has six different types, which is too heavy to do, so I tried a new method, but I don’t know how to search specifically

Sincerely need your help

Clockwork has an All Family Types Of Category node for exactly this. Otherwise you have to go through some roundabout ways of getting families and types based on category, likely with some python.

thank you, i try now

do it,thank you

I’m really sorry to bother you so late, I would like to ask how to delete list3 and list4, I use dropitem, but it is difficult to control the scope. .

It would be helpful if you could show us where those values come from. You’d likely be better off filtering those items ahead of time rather than trying to remove them later on if possible.

See this later,sorry i has fixed those quetion,thank you