Get Family Types of Family

Hi All,

I hope this question is not too dumb, since it’s my first post. I am rather new to dynamo so please be patient with me :slight_smile:

I tried to search for this both in the forum and online but apparently I couldn’t find an answer that could fit my case, although I think it is a pretty basic one.

Here’s my problem:

I have a bunch of family types for a family, and I would like to infer to the Type Comments parameter in revit, the same text as the Type Name.

So far I have been able to get the desired family of the category, but I get stuck trying to get all the family types of such category.

Does someone has any suggestion?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Can you show that same image with the node previews visible? We can’t know what’s going on if we can’t see the data.

Hi Nick,


Hope this helps, in the meantime I am trying to experiment… :slight_smile:

OK so it looks like that part of your graph is working correctly, although you can just give the Family Name directly to simplify things. From there you just need to get the FamilyTypes from the Family.


I knew there had to be a node just as simple as that, but I didn’t manage to find it…

In the meantime I managed to get the same result in another way, more or less: