Revit Families and Groups

Hello we have just started to play with Dynamo, and have come up with our first hurdle.
We wish to edit the data in the “Type” part of the family (there a some common fields in each family that we wish to adjust)

So using Categories, All Elements of Category & Element.ElementType (plus lots of Element.GetParameterValueByName) we can get the result attached (Which is not bad), however it brings out all the instances of the object (so 9 instances of the Balmoral_MechEqup_HotWaterCalorifier) instead of 1 family.

The intension is to drag all this information out of the model at “type” level, add in the missing information and push it back in, so I think I need to group all the Instance’s into 1 reference which can then edited and then pump back into the model.

Is this possible

Also if I wish to extract a schedule out of all the families (Not instances) within a model, which variables do I need to use?

Thank you

There are nodes like
Family Types and Wall Types allowing you to select a single type and also “All Family Types of Category” and “All Placed Family Types of Category” in Clockwork