How to get my graph working for multiple linked models


I made this


But i don’t know how to make this work on multiple links at the same time
(all the links in the red code block).

I tried several thing (mostly with combining lists), but so far no luck and i am a bit stuck…
I would like some help / pointers.

In the code block write x[19,20,22,24,25,26] and in set the list level of the LinkDoc input to @L1. You may need to flatten the list afterwards.


I can’t write x[19,20,22,24,25,26]; in the code block.



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I changed my graph, but without succes :slightly_frowning_face:.

It only put tags on elements from ONE linked model…

TagElementsOneLinkForum.dyn (32.3 KB)

This is an issue with your levels/lacing. The tagging node you are inserting a list of 2 revit instances and a longer list of elements.

Instead of flattening the list of elements, keep them in two separate lists based on linked instance and then adjust the levels of both inputs on the tagging node.


I get what your saying, but not how to do it (i am still pretty much a Dynamo beginner).

Could you make a small example? Would be greatly appreciated.

I have been reading it, but… how to put it… have trouble projecting it on my question.
(In the link / example mostly numbers and points are used instead of text).

Pointers on my own graph or examples are waaaay more helpful to me instead walls of text.
(like an example of how to Instead of flattening the list of elements, keep them in two separate lists).