How to find unused line styles?

Hi, I’m using arhi-lab nodes to delete imported line patterns from CAD files. However, there’s one problem and it’s this script does not show you which imported line pattern is in use or not used in model.
so was wondering to add new nodes to it to filter out line patterns that are not used from those were used in the model. would appreciate your help.

here is the link to original script from archi-lab:

Hi @HToliat ,

I don’t know if there is a way to check within the line style whether its used or not. But to get around this I would retrieve all lines in the model, get their line styles and using that list and List.Set

I don’t know if there is a (direct) way to check if a line style is (un)used.
What I would do in this case is to:

  1. Get all lines in your Revit project, and retrieve their Line Styles
  2. Retrieve all Line Styles in the Project.
  3. Using List.SetDifference node get all Line Styles which do not exist in your first list, which are the unused line styles.

PS: Changed the title of the topic to better match your question :slight_smile:

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