Unused linepattern/linestyle

Is there a way to select unused line styles or line pattern, to cleanup REVIT models?

The only way we found until now is to filter by name, but we don´t know whether this style or pattern is used.

Deleting imported but used styles or pattern will change the appearance of elements in the model.

Problem is REVIT 2014 with hundreds of patterns/styles to cleanup.



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Have a look at this:


Thank´s Konrad,

we know this and use it .

It is working, but sometimes imported line-patterns ar used, deleting will change the elements that used this pattern.


What you want is ability to first replace line patterns that are used, and then delete it. This is a little bit more involved process.I don’t have anything ready yet. Sorry.


has anybody gotten further with this?

  • Finding out if the LinePattern is used?

  • Locating these drawings/imported cad snippets (in which views?)

  • Delete the unused LinePattern?




Hi Konrad, is it possible to ignore swapping used Line patterns and just filter them out, so it wont get deleted?

This is possible.

See the Crumple package as an example, it has a line collector node with a method for identifying user based lines that you can use to filter from.