Deleting line pattern

hi guys , I want to delete all line styles which was imported from AutoCad files into our revit file , I try to find some nods that pave the way for me to run the script of deleting line pattern in revit.
is there any recommendation ? although there is one way in the forum , i didn’t understand how it was work !!!

You don’t need dynamo.

i don’t have any things in here but there are lots of line pattern in additional setting > line pattern !!!

Be careful.

ThanK you for your kindness BUT i don’t see Element.Delete NOD , is there anyway that i can find it or take it !

I believe the Element.Delete node is from the archilab package.

yes should i install this package on Dynamo ?

I dont know it didn’t work for me

You must delete the elements and not their names :

yes its correct but it doesn’t any changes in revit line pattern . i still have all of them

Are the ones you’re trying to delete called IMPORT … ?

I just put the word IMPORT in as an example.

Also, if each linetype has a different name and there are not similarities why use dynamo. Use Revit to delete!

yes you right but i think that there is anyway to delete all of the line patterns with any names they have , there are too many pattern which loaded into our project

You don’t want to delete every, single line pattern surely?!

If you do… just plug the line patterns into the delete node


I strongly suggest you don’t do this.

This is one method that allows delete Line Patterns in the model by name. In case of AutoCAD Line Patterns, you can just search by “IMPORT” names and delete them.

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Pyrevit is also a great option for this.